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Randi G. Wedding Video Client

I looked on yelp for a videographer for our wedding. After getting 3 quotes we chose Colby. After speaking with him and getting a quote to do our wedding he was VERY enthusiastic about our proposed idea to get married on our bicycles. He explained how he would capture this very special day and he delivered an incredible, gorgeous and heartfelt video. Our wedding day was the first time we met him in person as we had communicated by email and phone.  Colby was very timely, professional, responsible and VERY creative. The footage he shot was absolutely gorgeous!!
A month after the wedding this video was really the nucleus of our wedding reception. We wanted our family and friends to feel like they had been there since we were not able to have all these people with us on our special day. There was not a dry eye in the house when the video concluded. Many of our friends and family said they didn't know what to expect from a video and were all overwhelmed with emotion.
If you want top notch professional work Colby will deliver.
Thank you so much to Colby it was incredibly memorable!!

Thirdy & Elyssa Wedding Videography Clients 8/14/19

Okay, my husband and I would give Colby 10-stars if we could. From start to finish he delivered professional and exceptional service. We are super satisfied with the highlight video he delivered to us yesterday. Our wedding video highlight not only brought tears to my eyes but also brought us back to our wedding day. It was that good!! Also, considering he did it all by himself. This guy is really talented and has so much to offer! We are so happy about the outcome and officially became a fan of CB Photography & Videography.

Going through the process was so easy, all we had to do is sit down with him and tell him what we want. He worked around our budget and delivered exceptional service. I remember him being meticulous for every little detail on our wedding day so that he can give you more than your money's worth. It was so fun and so worth it! The details in our wedding video highlight were so on point! You can see it for yourself through the link below. :)

It doesn't end there!!
Did I mention his cool photo booth yet? Oh yes! he designed the layout for our wedding photo booth and he did not disappoint. It matched "us" and our wedding motif. It was super cute and sophisticated. All our guests had so much fun using his props and even asked us to extend our rental hours. Unfortunately, it wasn't part of our budget. Lol!

We have nothing but good words for Colby, despite having such a fun process with CB Photography he remained very professional and organized till the very end. This guy deserves a lot more recognition! We are a fan & supporter of your work. :)

Tucker C. Wedding Videography Client 9/9/19

My wife and I used Colby for our wedding ceremony and reception. We ended up booking him just over a week before the big day. He was very accommodating and thorough. His pricing was more then fair. We had Colby put together a highlight video and record the full ceremony plus key reception events. Looking back on our special day is as easy as popping in the Blu-ray Colby gave us with our videos. The casing is a really nice touch as well. Thank you to Colby and his team for a job more then well done. WE especially loved the drone footage of the venue and action shots of the wedding party during photos.

I would book with Colby again without hesitation.

Liberty B. Event Videography Client

We absolutely enjoyed working with Colby and his team during ou daughter's 18th birthday celebration! They provided us the videography and photo booth services. The video shoot on location at Sierra was stunning! Everyone had fun! His passion and excitement was seen in every shots and videos they did! He was accommodating to our requests, likes to know details and went above what they were hired for! We had an awesome experience! Definitely will hire them again for our next events in the future!

Susan S. Wedding Videography & Photography Client

My husband and hired Colby and his assistants for our August 18, 2018 wedding at Goat Rock, in Jenner, California. From the moment Colby and his team arrived, you could feel the passion they have for what they do! They were so wonderful! Colby took A LOT of photos and I know he could have photographed us ALL DAY, because it is what he was put on this earth to do. His work with the drone, the video, the placement of props, where he would have is pose and so many extras was way more than Chris and I imagined! We watched our wedding video last night and literally cried. It was like watching a MOVIE!! I can't thank Colby and his amazing team enough for the hard work and true dedication to his passion. BRAVO COLBY! BRAVO!

Shelley F. Photo Slideshow Client

I discovered Colby simply by noticing his store front sign in Carmichael. I was nothing less than super impressed with how he carried himself and how genuinely sweet he was. He was very professional and did an absolutely incredible job putting together a photo video of my parents for their 50th Anniversary party. The entire party loved the video and I have Colby to thank for that. I would recommend Colby to use for all your photography needs. I felt like I'd known him for a long time by the time working with him was over...we shared stories and he was truly interested in my family. Just SUCH a nice guy.

Jennivive V. (AtHome HealthCare Team)

Our agency hired Colby to shoot our marketing video. He was such a great person to work with! Very professional and very knowledgeable. He and his team came to the set and was very prepared. He made my team feel at ease, coached them and was very patient! We has almost 30 people in the shoot but Colby managed to direct us in making sure we are on point and on schedule! Once we finished the shoot, we got our finished product in less than two weeks! The editing is when you will see his mastery! It was exceptional! If you have any videography needs, call Colby. HE IS THE BEST!

Jacob G.

Colby is a true professional in his industry. Always paying attention to details and going above and beyond what your expecting. He doesn't like to cut corners and always has his clients best interest in mind. Colby is versatile and can adapt to various projects I hire him for. The best part about him (besides his high-quality work) is his personality! Tons of laughs and smiles working with him, never a dull moment and always inspiring. Hands down you can't go wrong hiring CB Photo & Video. They are my go-to referral!

Elizabeth T Headshots Client

Colby performed photography for our company, MJD Capital Partners in Sacramento. He showed up on time and stayed longer than needed for us which was very much appreciated. He got our photos edited and back to us very quickly. We definitely recommend him to any professional company who needs business headshots for social network platforms. He also does real estate, drone photography, etc. Amazing!

Mari G. Photo Booth Client

I hired Colby for a photo booth for my daughters sweet 16. He showed up on time (and waited patiently as I arrived ‍) His set up was great, he worked the booth the entire time and made sure everyone was happy with their pictures. Very friendly, professional and patient. Thank you Colby we loved having you there.

Shelley F. (Photo Slideshow Client)

I discovered Colby simply by noticing his store front sign in Carmichael. I was nothing less than super impressed with how he carried himself and how genuinely sweet he was. He was very professional and did an absolutely incredible job putting together a photo video of my parents for their 50th Anniversary party. The entire party loved the video and I have Colby to thank for that. I would recommend Colby to use for all your photography needs. I felt like I'd known him for a long time by the time working with him was over...we shared stories and he was truly interested in my family. Just SUCH a nice guy.

Tina G. (Event Videography Client)

I am Tina Graybill, and "wow" I just got done reading all the comments prior to mine -- you all have said everything so perfectly. Amazing, awesome, personable, professional, gifted in all aspects of photography & videography, good humored, infinite patience & inspiration with clients and each one's event (Colby Barrett must have been born "above and beyond" already and just keeps getting even more enthusiastically fine-tuned as more state-of-the art equipment is created!).
So, the event Colby so artistically created for me, my brother & sig.other was a sit-down dinner celebration for our dad's 100th birthday in a very nice restaurant in Roseville on 12/02/2017. I had been really nervous how this would play out as we had people coming in from out-of-town, but of course now I can see I could have skipped the nerve thing as Colby took right over as soon as he got the description of the event. Very creative, intuitive, able to spontaneously build on the playout of happenings at the event (with only 1 assistant), at the same time making sure he included all the particulars we especially wanted in there.
For our event -- from the drone-in on the restaurant, decorations & setup of the celebration room and appetizer/menu/dessert/wine display, to the recording/video-ing of comments of every attendee about their experiences with my Dad -- Colby & assistant captured the essence of our dad's life up to the minute. Colby also worked long-distance to supervise a Skype-in of a grandson & family all the way from Africa, included in the video. On top of all this, at the beginning of the event a slide-show of pics from my dad's whole life was played out, the slide-show of course created by Colby, who painstakingly worked with us clients to get the correct category, description & date for each pic (good-humored patience & inspired organizational skills!) AND inserting Dad's favorite music pieces throughout. This all has an incredible result, far beyond what I could have imagined. We now know that the DVDs Colby put together with both the 100th bd. celebration & the picture slide-show will go down in Graybill family-tree history, making it so that generations to come can actually meet an ancestor (my dad) who was born & lived long before them.
I'm so delighted to have met and worked with Colby Barrett/CB Photography & Videography--cannot thank him enough for his outstanding production & personable ways. I wish for him & his family many blessings to come, and of course I HIGHLY recommend him -- hmmm, is there a rating higher than "Excellent"?, maybe "Above & Beyond AND Still Evolving" is actually the ticket :-)

Shelly M. (Real Estate Agent)

I am a local Realtor that always gets professional photos and a still shot tour for all of my listings. I had never used Colby before, but another photographer that I have used was on vacation. His photos came out AMAZING! It was a small house that he made look spacious and inviting. He even put it to music for no extra charge, which is exactly what I want to get people in to see my homes, so they will sell quickly for the most $. I would definitely recommend him and use him again for my listing photos.

Marissa L. (Apple Inc.) Photo Booth Client

Colby did an incredible job at a corporate event we had in Elk Grove. He was punctual, great at communicating, and was an all around great person to have at the event.

He has a versatile approach to what he does, and can adapt to whatever the event/occasion calls for! You really can't go wrong with CB Photography & Videography~!

Sean D. (Family Photos Client)

Colby is a pleasure to work with.  He is great for all types of projects and he does not gouge you with his pricing.  I have used other photographers in the past and their pricing strategy is to get as much money out of you as possible.  They take a bunch of pics and you get nickled and dimed.  

Colby does phenomenal work and is flexible to your wants and needs.  He will insure you are happy with the transaction.  I have had Colby take pictures of my kids on multiple occasions and I have used him on some technical videos for my business.  I highly recommend him and his work.

Shamaria M. (Real Estate Agent)

I'm an agent with a busy Real estate office and Colby is a joy to work with and the pictures he takes of our properties are always perfect and returned in a timely manner. Colby is both professional and a delight to work with! His drone photos are first rate as well! Highly recommended!

Sheilah O. (Wedding Photography Client)

Colby did a phenomenal job shooting Kaitlyn's and Ryan's wedding.  I never, ever would have expected for Colby to take some of the shots he took.  He is creative and quick on his feet; moreover, one can just watch his mind working as he moves seamlessly from one shot or one location to another.   Colby has a gift for putting everyone around him at ease, and before long, people don't even realize they are getting their pictures taken. The result is authentic, pure, and real photos that capture those most important moments beautifully.  Kaitlyn and Ryan also took advantage of the engagement shoot that Colby offers as part of his package.  He was open to traveling to the Bywater Lavender Farm where he took some incredible photos of not only Kaitlyn and Ryan but of them with their Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard, Claddagh.  Again, Colby's creative mind and unique talent combined to produce an exceptional array of photographs which captured the essence of Kaitlyn's and Ryan's love and devotion for each other.  Colby will be our family photographer for many years to come.

Susan Buehrle (Wedding Videography Client)

Colby did my daughters wedding and was phenomenal. His creativity and willingness to work with not only the bride and groom but with every one was amazing. I am so excited to see the finished product. I would highly recommend Colby and his team.

Leelin T. (Event Photography & Videography Client)

Highly recommended!!! CB Photography and Videography caters to your needs. Colby and company did awesome during my daughter's graduation/18th birthday celebration! I would highly recommend this company Tommy family and friends!

Roman and Tatiana (Photo Booth Clients)

Our co-workers had introduced us to Colby during one of our corporate celebration events. He made a few pictures of us and we felt in love with those pictures. Those pictures were so natural and “breath taking away” that we arrange whole session with him right at the same event. Somehow, he understood our “pressures of the day” and captured everything we wanted to express it in our photos! Colby is truly a one of a kind photographer which you will quickly find out once you spend some time looking at his website, Facebook page etc. LOOK NO FURTHER! We are strongly recommending Colby as your photographer! Roman and Tatiana

Sarah Z.

This is the most positive experience I've ever had with a professional photographer. It's difficult to find someone this professional, with this much value, also cares about your budget and you're needs.  Not only are his rates unbeatable, but Colby performs at the highest levels of professionalism. His expertise is more than obvious. You will not find a better Photographer in the Sacramento area. If you're looking for the most professional service with a personal touch and caring experience, Colby Barrett Photography is the place to go. If you don't believe me, just call around and you will feel the difference.
Niko Vogiatzis  - Owner

Gigi J. (Family Photos Client)

Colby is one amazing photographer. He has a natural talent of capturing the beauty of the scenery and coordinating it with the people he takes a picture of with. My sons and I took a picture at Grand Island Mansion. It felt natural and also the chemistry and the vibe was easy. I have worked with a few photographers since my kids were little and I always love to capture every year of professional pictures with them. Colby made us feel very comfortable and our pictures shows no awkwardness as far as our smile and body language. We were at our element when he took the picture of us. Usually my boys will freeze up and would not have the courage to even take a picture, but they had more fun than i did.  I think chemistry and vibe and also comfortability with the photographer is important because that actually makes the picture look natural and purely beautiful. Colby made that happen for us and I could not thank him enough! Not only he did an amazing job with our pictures, he also made me a one faithful client that will definitely come back when we need special memories and moments that requires a professional photographer! Looking forward to the next session Colby! It was great and definitely a pleasure working with you! Thank you...

Melissa J. (Wedding Videography Client)

Colby was our videographer for our wedding in May 2017 at Miners Foundry in Nevada City, CA. We were very happy with the final product and it didn't cost us an arm and a leg. To be honest we were not planning to get a videographer at all to save the money, but then we saw the quality of work and the reasonable price and couldn't turn it down. So glad to get the referral from my photographer!!! I would recommend Colby any day as a wedding videographer. 
Thanks Colby!

Elizabeth Ercila (Event Videography)

Colby And his amazing staff have videotaped our dance recital for the past year and always do an amazing job!!! Professional-On time-ready to go-so much energy

Julie W. (Event Videography)

Colby did a terrific video for our Woodworker Life Coaching 2016 September event. Can't wait to see what he puts together for our 2018 September event. Colby is very easy and fun to work with.

Christopher F. (Photo Booth Owner)



Colby made us a 30 second promo video for our business, and we couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out... The video was spot on for our target market, and actually landed us a booking within 24hrs of sharing. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for videography work done.

Color Fun Run (Event Photography)

I worked with Colby for a large scale decent with 10,000 people, black lights, and a lot of powdered "color". His pictures were crisp and vibrant, very pleased with his work. So much I even booked him for an event a month later, while our event was still touring that area. No doubt top quality work from this guy. 5 stars

Nick & Amanda (Wedding Photography Clients)

Colby and his team are absolutely amazing! From beginning to end, he was a pleasure to work with and an all around GREAT photographer. So talented. Our wedding photos turned out better than I could have imagined. I keep going back to them just to remember the highlights of the best day of my life. The gift box we received was so perfect. Thank you so much for everything CB photography! We will definitely be recommending your work to all our friends and family.

Nate & Stephanie (Wedding Photography Clients)

Colby did my wedding photos in oct 2015. From the first moment of contact to the last he was amazing to work with! He had patience with my constantly changing plans, and really listened to what i wanted out of the day and what was most important. He shared ideas for photos back and forth for the time leading up to the wedding and was open to trying new ideas. All of my family and friends were so impressed by his professionalism and personality. I will definitely be hiring with Colby again and would highly recommend you do to!

Yolanda & Family (Family Photos Client)

Had the absolute pleasure of working with Colby for my family photos.  He understood my vision because I did not want typical family photos.  We went on site and it was a lot of work but it was all worth it in the end.  I love my photos! I would recommend  C B photography to anyone who wants quality photos at a reasonable price.

Joe Neff (Wedding Photography Client)

Choosing Colby to photograph our daughter's wedding was a great decision!  The quintessential professional, Colby was personable, well-dressed, and extremely skilled in capturing the essence of this special backyard event.  Of the 525 shots taken, Colby created a balance between the posed and the spontaneous.   The posed shots were not the traditional line-up of family members.  Instead, there is a creative and often playful flair in these compositions.  His photographs reflect the happiness of the bride and groom and the celebratory mood of the guests.   No doubt many of our guests will be ordering photos of their own children caught in the act of having fun and revealing their personalities!  His website allows you to download the photos or order prints.  Ordering the prints was so affordable and convenient that I chose that option.  The biggest problem, of course, is deciding which prints to order!

Alex & Jonida Lara (Wedding Videography Clients)

Colby is AWESOME! We truly appreciate his great talent and skill as a videographer. Colby is very friendly and professional. He accommodated all of our requests and over delivered. His artistry really shines though his work. We cherish our amazing wedding videos! We highly recommend his services.

Jose & Samantha (Wedding Videography Clients)

My husband and I married in January of this year. When we envisioned our wedding our main goal was to capture every moment possible. I couldn't decide between hiring a photographer or a videographer, after meeting with Colby we decided the video would give us what we wanted. We were confident that he would create an amazing video that would last forever. I was extremely impressed by his professionalism and communication during the wedding. He was very personable, interacting and directing our guests with ease. When we first watched the video it brought me to tears. You could see how much time and effort he put into creating it, Colby went above and beyond for us. Every part of the video was amazing, it told the entire story of our wedding day and now we can relive the most amazing night of our lives everyday. He truly cares about his work and above all else, his clients. He spent so much time making sure everything came out perfect and he even gave us a beautiful keepsake box to store our video in. There is no one else that could do what he does, as well as he does it. If you want an amazing, well thought out photographer, who takes true pride in their work then CB Photography is the place to go. We will be using him for any of our future photography or videography needs. Thank you Colby for giving us a lasting memory!

Niko Vogiatzis (Business Headshots Client)

This is the most positive experience I've ever had with a professional photographer. It's difficult to find someone this professional, with this much value, and also cares about your  needs.  Not only are his rates reasonable, but Colby performs at the highest levels of professionalism. His expertise is more than obvious. You will not find a better Photographer in the Sacramento area. If you're looking for the most professional service with a personal touch and caring experience, CB Photography is the place to go. If you don't believe me, just call around and you will feel the difference.
Niko Vogiatzis  - Owner

Sons 1st Birthday

Colby did my sons first birthday photos and they came out amazing! I couldn't be happier with his work and will be returning!

Karis Cromartie (Pet Photography Client)

Thank you Colby for being willing to help me capture my last days with my dog Ryker. The fabulous photos will always be a reminder of how much I adore him and thanks to you, he will not be soon forgotten. Your suggestions, knowledge, experience and patience with your subjects was beyond measure. It is a challenge to work with both people and animals at the same time, and you really surpassed all expectations!

Sharon @ Lash Out Beauty Bar

Colby took pictures of the grand opening event for my business.  He was very professional and fun and came up with great ideas to capture what we do best to show our work and our salon I was able to use all photos in our website and in a look book at the salon to showcase what we do. I loved his creative ideas and all hard work he put into making the photos come out great to show our special day.

Laney Douglas

Colby is a great photographer! He gave me everything I wanted and more for my daughter's pictures! This is the second time I've gone to CB Photography and Videography for my daughter's pictures. He also did an amazing job with the 3 generation photos my mother and I wanted. He's great to work with and his talent shows throughout his work! Thank you so much Colby!! I'm definitely going to keep coming to you!

Adam D.

Today me the wife and daughter went to CB photography and videographer. I've paid top dollar for photos but this place has the best price they also go at your pace they don't rush you out they treat you like Family if you need photos this is the place to go thanks guys your amazing

Sharon H.

Colby did a fantastic job capturing our family fun for this years Christmas card!! He knew the perfect spot to go and take this too. thank u

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