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Specializing in real estate photos/videos, virtual tours, marketing & aerial media

Matterport's 3D Virtual Tours allow buyers to experience the home anywhere in the world. Matterport virtual house tours are the premium solution to real estate modeling, virtual reality, and walk-throughs. When you absolutely need to make an impact on your clients and buyers, choose Matterport virtual tours. Matterport house tours offers an engaging, interactive user experience that is sure to surprise and please everyone. 


3D Showcase is an online experience for homebuyers to move through a property and see it from any angle—an on demand 360 virtual tour. The distinct Dollhouse view gives homebuyers a completely unique sense of the property.


Go into your next listing presentation with a secret weapon: Matterport 3D showcase. Offer the latest real estate marketing technology to win more clients and sell more homes. CB Photography & Videography is up to date with the latest Matterport technology serving all of Northern California. 

True 3D virtual home tours help buyers create an immediate, lasting emotional connection to properties because they can experience them as if they were really there.  This is another tool to help paint the picture of what life could be like in their new home. 

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Don't just show them pictures of the home! Allow potential buyers to see a 3d floor plan of the home, and be able to walk through the home from anywhere in the world using Matterport Real Estate Tours.

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Beat out the competition at your next listing appointment! Show potential sellers that you use the latest in technology along with Professional Real Estate Photography to market their listing.


Keep potential buyers engaged on your listing. Let them walk through the floor plan just as if they are there. They can walk down a hallway, stand in a room, and even turn around to get a feel for the exact layout of the home.

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